Monday, August 13, 2007

Summerfest 2007 (8/3 To 8/5)

A special trip to the SUMMERFEST BOOGIE skydiving event was done during the weekend of August 3-5, 2007. This event was billed as the "WFFC Alternative" ... The WFFC in Rantoul, IL was cancelled this year to the disappointment of many skydivers. The SUMMERFEST event at Skydive Chicago had just about every event the WFFC had that wasn't for 2007.

Aircraft to skydive ranged from a Pitts Special to the Perris DC-9 commerical jet, plus many "standard" jump aircraft. Some pictures can be seen at the link provided below ...

Diabetes Can Be Deadly (8/1)

DIABETES KILLS! If not taken care of properly or out of control! Jacinto (Jose) Chong, pictured below, was a long-time friend and roommate of mine whom I knew since early 1994. He passed away after a long battle with kidney failure, paralysis, heart disease, and other diabetic complications. He passed away from heart failure on Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at Plantation West Hospital in Broward County, Florida after undergoing dialysis. His death was rapid, and ended about 5 years of excruciating pain. He was only 44 years old. Diabetes is a killer, fully hereditable, and insidious in many ways as damage is often done to the person before he or she even knows they got it!

After his death Jacinto was shipped to his home country of Panama for a formal funeral with his family and is survived by his mother, Sonia. He was a mix of Spanish and Asian descent, his father also succumbing to a similar fate at 45 years old. Jacinto was a hard working and good man who started from scratch after leaving Panama in the 1980's during political problems.

He worked his way from nothing in his "new life" in the USA to a career in computer engineering and never hesitated when the time came to give and / or help someone. He supported his large family back in Panama and brought his mother to the states when his health turned. Jacinto was a man who almost never said "no". May he rest in peace, as his suffering is over, and may God bless him to everlasting life and happiness.

A special memorial page, dedicated to this unfortunate victim, has been set up. It also contains important and useful information on diabetes and can be viewed at the link below...

Back In Florida (7/20)

Back in hot and sunny south Florida just in time for Hurricane Season 2007! I have wrapped up my Dayton, Ohio computer project on-time as of the end of July 2007.

Once again, I am home in South Florida and currently working there at another IT job in Fort Lauderdale. The picture above is Florida at its oldest, Saint Augustine.