Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nothing To Chase? (3/2)

For the past WEEK, the National Weather Service had some "strong wording" about the "severe weather potential" associated with a strong low pressure system and front that was forecasted to affect the state of FL around March 2, 2009. A day before the "promising" event, SPC issues a slight risk, then the day of the "event", its DOWNGRADED to a "see text", then the "event" turned out to be a 30 MPH wind gust and some moderate rain.

Of course, the SPC "storm reports" for March 2, shown to the right in the graphic below, says "No Reports Received" ... In fact, February 2010 goes down in history as the first month with no reported tornadoes anywhere in the USA since the 1950's! This certainly is NOT encouraging.

The other two images above to the left and middle show the grim effects of the 2009-2010 "El Niño", with some of the coldest weather (for Southern Florida) in a very long time. And, to add more to the lack-of-storms and shivering frustration ... The 10-15 foot high northeast swells THAT NORMALLY accompany strong cold fronts in FL also NEVER happened. Flat surf, too cold for the beach, yes - Even surfers in FL are probably more frustrated than storm chasers! My SeaDoo watercraft sits in the storage - too "cold" to even take that out to enjoy on the water or the lake, which is choked with water weed and dead fish because of the "killer" cold weather since January!

This cold pattern, persisting into March, is not normal. Normally, El Niño causes MORE storms in FL, but this one is very different. This will also result in cooler water temperatures and probably hurt the potential hurricane / storm chase seasons in 2010 - I am not ready to repeat 2009.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lost Job / Blessing In Disguise? (2/26)

Longevity at ANY employment in my line of work (IT) is simply an idea and / or expression and never something I can (or ever will) experience. Quite suprisingly, I lost my job as my position at a firm in Miami as "Senior Programmer" was terminated this week.

I was the kind of person who stood by his work, was never late (always came into the office early) and rarely left before the quitting time of 5:30 PM. Even worse, I foregone many opportunities for storm chasing in 2009, because of this job, trying to make a difference. My work was of the best quality and during the entire year of 2009, my attendance was next to impeccable.

So what was the results of all this hard work and such? In the end result, basically I was "canned" ... Used for my services, and thrown right out into the street (quite literally). The corporate world sure can be a very hostile place.

Exactly six months before my termination date - I mean right to the EXACT day - I was written up for the stress, as well as trying to be a "hero" and do someone elses job.

The stress of this past job has taken a MAJOR toll on both my health and my sanity. The same week I was terminated, I found out that I had the start of a bleeding stomach ulcer. Not good. This and on top of seeing all that "stuff" I MISSED in mid June 2009 in Nebraska!

Now out of a job, I am collecting unemployment, and drawing on some money I saved for such "rainy days" ... In retrospect, not really so "rainy" after all. The unemployment should pay the rent. My car is paid off. My ulcer should quickly heal ... And if anything happens in the central US in this coming spring for chasing, I just GO ... No haggling with time off.

Maybe this time off ain't so bad after all?

South FL Severe Storms (2/24)

Finally some interesting weather rolls through South and Central Florida on Wednesday, February 24, 2010. Some of the thunderstorms contained brief / shallow mesocyclones and some areas (near West Palm Beach) reported golfball sized hail.

This is a nice change to have a warm and moist air mass (ahead of a strong cold front) with strong and severe thunderstorms ... Hopefully chasing will be good as we head into March 2010 in the south.

Snow In EVERY State? (2/15)

The image below, courtesy of the National Weather Service and the US Air Force, shows the snow cover over the continental United States on February 13, 2010 (6z). The scale is in inches. Not suprising is the amount of snow cover over the northern states, however, check out the snow swath over the deep south, even into the panhandle of Florida! It is very unusual to see the entire 48 states having snow covering a portion of them.

Alaska, obviously has snow cover as well, and even Hawaii, but only on the peaks of the tallest mountains (Mona Loa and Mona Kea) on the big island. This means that at this point, the entire 50 states of the US have snow. You can check out anything about winter weather on a special page I have for it on this site in the WINTER section of my site by clicking the link provided for it below ...