Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day (3/17)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all (March 17) ... Ever wonder what Chicago, Illinois does on Saint Patrick's day? They dye there river a bright GREEN to celebrate!

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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami (3/11)

What is today's world coming to - 2012 (for real)? A massive (yes another) earthquake series (the strongest one officially measuring at a staggering 9.0) rattled central Japan (near Honshu) on March 10-11.

Since the earthquake was offshore, it also generated a destructive tsumami that struck the Japanese coast only 10 minutes after the offshore quake. The tsunami also propogated across much of the Pacific ocean with the speed of a jet airliner, affecting many islands (including Hawaii) and eventually the west coasts of North and South America.

The quake and tsunami caused MANY thousands of deaths and even a nuclear disaster as well. Some disturbing video of the Japan Tsumami can be seen by clicking the link below ... Note: video is courtesy of Russia Today media and is an external link to YouTube and might be time-sensitive.

It's Still Winter Up North (3/5)

Despite it being quite warm down here in Florida and the south, winter is still in full force in the northern part of the country / Canada.

In the images above, the differences in Horseshoe Falls in Canada can be seen between summer (left) and winter (right). See more winter weather photography and subjects in my WINTER section of my web site. You can also check out the link for it below ...