Saturday, May 07, 2011

April 2011 Record Tornadoes (4/29)

April 2011 went down as the busiest April in history for the sheer number of tornadoes in the United States for that month. The last week in April 2011 also brought one of the deadliest and devastating tornado / severe weather outbreaks in US history. The below diagram is a composite of all the storm reports during a mere one-week period from April 22nd through the 29th. A total of 2,793 severe storm reports were posted by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) with a staggering 403 tornadoes (red dots), 1,074 hail reports (green dots if 1" or more and black triangles if over 2"), and 1,316 high wind reports (blue dot if 58 MPH or more, black square if 74 MPH or more)!

Unfortunately, this event took a heavy toll on human life and property, including around 300 people killed. The intercept done on April 24, 2011 by myself (see the STORM CHASING section of this web site for details) in Texas was the START of this horrific outbreak. May God be with the families and people affected by this recent disaster.

For my April 24, 2011 chase (also in my STORM CHASING section of my web site), please click the link below to go right to it...

First 2011 Central USA Chase (4/24)

Storm chase season 2011 has BEGUN ... So check back often to see my storm chasing plans for 2011. I have finished a short chase trip to Texas as of late April (with the main chase April 24, one chase day out of an extremely active tornado pattern for April of this year).

This first April (weekend) chase yielded at least three tornadoes near Baird and Abilene, Texas ... Hopefully the start of a fantastic chase year. Storm chase 2011 was AMAZONG ... So check my section for storm chasing in 2011 that can be seen by clicking the link that is provided below.

For a documentary video of the April 24, 2011 trip storm chasing in Texas, click the link below!