Thursday, December 27, 2007

Off To Chicago (12/31)

Once again, spending 3-4 months or so on a computer project with the University of Chicago starting January 2, 2007 ... Most likely not many storms to chase there - It's the dead of winter and there will, however, be lots of snow, ice, and cold windy weather!

The programming (PICK / MV) project is temporary and should be done in the time-frame shown (or less if something else locally in FL comes up).

Post-Season TS "Olga" (12/12)

Just when we think the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season is finished a new tropical storm forms - In DECEMBER - Tropical Storm "Olga"! December storms are rare, but do happen occasionally. This one is interesting as it affected the Caribbean as it headed to the west, an unusual direction for this time of year, due to abnormally strong high-pressure to its north.

The storm headed west and continued weakening as it headed into a region of higher vertical shear / dry air in the western Caribbean - Typical in the tropics in December. The storm eventually weakened into a remnant low and reached the Yucatan Penninsula as no more than a swirl of low clouds before dissipation.

Landspout Tornado (12/8)

Small landspout tornado observed in Palm beach County near South Bay east of Highway 27 in Florida! This was a small tornado (most likely EF-0) that formed along the lake-breeze boundary and under low-topped convective cells.

The landspout lasted about 10 minutes and weakened before reaching Highway 27. In the picture, a clear ground circulation is visible and funnel above it on the parent convective shower - A tornado is a "tornado" - And to much amazement on such a fair-weather day!