Wednesday, November 16, 2011

S Florida EF-2 Tornado (10/18)

An EF-2 tornado affected Sunrise, Florida in Broward County on October 18, 2011 during the late evening - I was chasing this storm and encountered the tornado (barely visible by lightning and power-flashes)!

The storm was a classic supercell that originated over the rural areas of western Miami-Dade county (south of Miccosukee in the Florida Everglades) and moved north and northeast over a two to three hour period through the western sections of Broward and eventually southern Palm Beach counties (where it weakened). The storm produced a destructive tornado, with winds at least 120 MPH (EF-2), from Plantation to Sunrise, just north of I-595 and east of NW 136 avenue.

The tornado was about 150 yards wide, and had a damage path, oriented SSW to NNE, over a mile in length. Some information on this chase can be seen in the STORM CHASING section of this web site (in the "PICTURE Log For 2010 And After Chases" section) or you can go right to that area by clicking the link that is provided below.