Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Buddha Religeon Section (4/21)

I did a project to setup a separate area on my web site dedicated to the Buddha religeon. This is separate from the main pages on my site, and has been placed there as a special religeous project for some voluntary work I have been doing for a local Buddha temple.

This new and special area on this web site can be seen by clicking the link for it below.

Tornado Outbreak Chase (4/14)

I have completed a storm chasing trip in the Central USA (Kasnas) from April 13-15, 2012 with numerous tornadoes intercepted on Saturday, April 14, 2012 in Kansas. This setup was a high-risk setup, with deadly tornadoes affecting this area, and a tornado outbreak occurred. In this chase trip, the entire lifecycle of a violent tornado was observed and documented on Saturday, April 14 near Geneseo in Rice County, Kansas - Rated EF-4 and being on the ground for almost an hour.

I have finally completed a full-chase log for this event, and it can be viewed in my on-going section for storm chasing in 2012 that can be seen by clicking the link that is provided below.

For a documentary video of the April 14, 2011 extreme storm chasing in Kansas, click the link below!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend Chase Planned (4/13)

Storm chasing is heating up and a MAJOR severe weather setup appears to be on tap for the weekend (especially Saturday, April 14) in the central USA. I was able to get tickets and will be flying out on Friday the 13th of April, chase Saturday (the 14th in Kansas), and return on Sunday the 15th!

In the image above, a moderate risk (later upgraded to high) was in place as per the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) on Thursday, April 12.

In the above image, issued by SPC on Friday, April 13 (for Saturday the 14th), a rather scary hish-risk (with 60% hatched probabilities) outlook and chilling text was published as a "high-end life threatening event"! A full-chase log for this event will be available (in my on-going section for storm chasing in 2012) once this first major chase is completed, and that area can be seen by clicking the link that is provided below.