Monday, August 30, 2010

Remembering Katrina (8/28)

August 28 marks the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in the Northern Gulf Coast in 2005. This storm was a devastating storm, with a record storm surge approaching thirty feet in height, that caused massive devastation and loss of life from New Orleans and eastward to Mobile, Alabama.

You can read more about Hurricane "Katrina" in 2005 and see a full chase log / story in the STORM CHASING section of this site. The link to this incredible chase log has also been provided at the link below.

US Protection? (8/26)

Tropical activity in the far Atlantic basin is picking up quite a bit as of late-August / early-September 2010, however, a persistant trough off the US East coast may deflect any intense activity out to sea for the time-being. Bermuda may offer some very remote chase prospects, but happens to be a very small (and unlucky) target if hit directly.

Right now, the US East coast will remain "vaccinated" from anything coming across the Atlantic. Intense hurricane Danielle and MOST storms behind it may actually follow the same path by recurving out to sea (hurricane chasers call these "fish storms". This pattern is good news for most people, but HORRIBLE news for hurricane chasers, who intercept / study tropical cyclones. But, it "is what it is".

You can also check my area on tropical weather and any associated activity / chase plans by clicking the link for that area on my web site provided below.

Remembering Charley (8/13)

Friday the 13th in 2010 marks the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Charley in Punta Gorda, Florida (2004). Hurricane names are re-used every 6 years for the Atlantic basin, unless a storm causes devastation and / or deaths. Hurricane "Charley" was a strong and devastating category 4 storm with 145-150 MPH sustained winds at landfall.

The name "Charley" has been retired and THIS (2010) year's replacement was "Colin", which occurred in early August as a weak and minimal tropical storm and was barely noticed by most. You can read more about Hurricane "Charley" in 2004 and see a full chase log / story in the STORM CHASING section of this site, or click the link to go right to it below.