Friday, December 21, 2012

Sandy Hook Shooting (12/14)

No words can describe the horrific tragedy that happened at the small Sandy Hook elementary school on December 14, 2012. For someone to do this is beyond words - All we can do is pray for these HIGHLY unfortunate victims and hope for some changes in the way people live their lives with such violent intentions.

I cannot comment anymore on this - Sigh (why KIDS?) - Seeing even our US president crying was a bit too much. Sometimes I really wonder where the fine line between God and the "Devil" really exists. More information on such tragic events, as well as the state of the USA, can be seen at the link below.

Hurricane Season Ends (12/3)

The hurricane season for the 2012 Atlantic basin had ENDED as of November 30, 2012. Meanwhile, far away, the Pacific typhoon season rages on with super Typhoon "Bopha" that slammed ashore in the SE Philippines on December 3, packing 160 MPH sustained winds with higher gusts! The Atlantic hurricane season was a pretty busy season, with a total of 19 named storms (up to the "T" storm "Tony"), and the storms "Isaac" and (ofcourse) "Sandy" being the most devastating.

Now we are officially in the "off season" for storm chasing in this part of the world, with winter setting in, and time for the holidays. Plans are underway for 2013, and the trip for "chasercon" (National Storm Chaser Convention in Colorado) has been already booked for February 2013. Details for the national storm chaser convention can be seen at the link below.