Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Site Video Upgrades (2/22)

Most of the videos for this site has been re-done and upgraded via links to YouTube for a MUCH better resolution and claraity. Basically, the video sections on this site work the same, but should be much better in quality. You still should see an embedded video on the screen. If some video links do not work, please let me know.

The video hosting is on YouTube to releive some load off this site, and offer a far greater resolution than the less-compatible (former) RealMedia format. If you want to jump directly to my channel on YouTube, you can follow the link provided below ...


ChaserCon 2011 (2/20)

The National Storm Chaser Convention, or "ChaserCon", takes place in mid-late February each year in the Denver, Colorado area. I attended the convention this year for February 18-20, 2011. This exciting event offers a large storm chaser and scientific collaberation with guest speakers, presentations, vendor area, banquet dinner, and video presentation night. Over 300 storm chasers showed up at this event.

You can also jump right to the area for storm chasing events in 2011, including the storm chaser convention, by clicking the link provided for it below ...


For official information on this event, you can also visit their site at the link below ...