Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holiday Season (12/6)

Welcome to December 2008 - Last month of the year, and the start of winter ... Actually, winter begins December 21 - But like the hurricane season, winter is a season that does not necessarily follow "rules".

In December 2008, an interesting grouping of Venus and Jupiter took place in the evening sky. The view of this planet pair was even more majestic as seen above Tampa Bay at 41,000 feet just after sunset (left above). A cold front pushes through Florida making a shelf / roll cloud over Miami, Florida (center), dropping the temperature there into the 40's at night. Up north, in Michigan, winter has an ealry grip in the Great Lakes region, with temperatures well below freezing, snow, and ice-covered railings (right image)!

The Atlantic hurricane season officially ended on November 30 and has been an above-average season. Now it the time to plan for next years chases, as well as go over footage from this year ... Which has been released in a new storm chasing DVD entitled "Storm Chasing 2008 - Extreme Seasons", so make sure you check the "special offers" section below for it.

Once again, the holidays of 2008 are here and I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and travels ... And most importantly a great new year of 2009!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Chase 2008 DVD Released (12/2)

See mother nature and weather at their worst with the 2008 "Extreme Seasons" DVD! Nearly two hours of compelling footage starts with one of the earliest-in-the-season tornado events near Memphis, Tennessee on "Super Tuesday" (Feb 5, 2008) followed a bone-chilling lake-effect "frozen hurricane" blizzard in coastal (Great-Lakes) Michican just 5 days later! Then its off to "Tornado Alley" in the Spring of 2008 with some of the most violent tornadoes, up-close and personal (maybe even too close)! This presentation is not for the faint-of-heart, and some footage will have you on the edge of your seat.

See tornadoes directly impacting storm chasers, literally becoming more of "the chased" than "chasers". Watch a large "satellite" stove-pipe tornado go around a mile-wide wedge tornado with 100+ MPH RFD winds as day becomes night. See gigantic hail total a car in minutes. Watch muddy Kansas dirt roads turn into vehicle "fly traps"! See some of most impressive supercell structure ever observed.

After tornado season, it's time for hurricane chasing, with tropical storm Fay and hurricanes Gustav and Ike in the Summer / Fall of 2008. See the eye of a hurricane's calm star-lit skies in Ike, followed by a 15-20 foot storm surge as Galveston, Texas is both put underwater parts set on fire. Watch the mass evacuations before and daring rescues / piles of boats left behind in the aftermath. See a rare commercial airline flight high across the eye of tropical storm Fay! This DVD has just about every extreme and raw power of the four seasons!

To view more information on this video (or how to order a copy of it) - Check the link provided below ...