Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Near-Death Excitement

Christmas of 2006 started out with a round of strong and severe storms tearing across Florida. This made for one of the last storm chases of 2006.

Besides the fact of storms and tornadoes, I was involved in a MAJOR car accident which totally destroyed my vehicle, a 2006 Ford Focus. I sustained injuries and needed to be airlifted by helicopter to the hospital where I was treated and released a day later. I cannot discuss the details my injuries, but all I can say is I am in ONE PIECE and my outcome could have (and, based on the laws of physics, should have) been much worse.

Above is a picture of the remains of the 2006 Ford Focus after the accident. The accident occurred traveling southbound in the right lane on I-75 near Miramar where a flatbed tow-truck (driver of which was cited by FHP as at fault) swerved across 2 lanes and slammed into the drivers side of my vehicle. The drivers side was ripped apart and my car was thrown off the right shoulder, flipping 6 times before coming to rest in the grass. By the nature of this accident, and the looks of the vehicle, me being "still here" is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. All I got to say is "thank God" and make sure you insist on the use of airbags and seatbelts - They do save lives, including mine.

On a much lighter note, the picture above shows the storms rolling across south Florida over the Christmas holidays. A severe thunderstorm cell makes for a nice precipitation core on the left, and a spectacular gust front can be seen over western Palm Beach county to the right.

God bless everyone and wish everyone a happy holidays and New Year as well!

Back In Florida (Nov 2006)

Finished my rather short computer project early and i have returned to Florida as of October 2006. I was able to enjoy some time off after a very stressful personal life (and rather boring project) in Saint Louis, Missouri and I am happy to be finished there as well as have been able to capture some storms during the "mini-chase season" during early fall of 2006!

Above is a picture taken during a trip to California (overlooking the San Francisco Bay) during a week and a half vacation just after finishing my work in Saint Louis and returning to Florida. I am now planning on the upcoming holidays with family as well as setting up new job prospects for the new year.

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