Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Southern Ontario In Canada (7/26)

With a business trip to Buffalo, New York for a couple of days and a free day afterwards, I made the trip to Canada to enjoy the natural beauty, diversity, and even the bizarre weather in southern Ontario in July 2009!

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Northern California July 4th (7/8)

The weekend of July 4th, 2009 was spent with best friends of mine in Northern Calfornia as a point in my life when true friendship is to be honored and appreciated. I crammed as much as possible to do in a rather short (4 day trip) to the US West Coast but still had a blast and did things from Skydiving and hiking to celebrating July 4th on a yacht.

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Lost Friendship / Slow Chase Season (7/6)

A bit of a sad week from July 6-10 of 2009 as a good friend of mine I knew for nearly two years (from Chicago and moved to FL) just suddenly and recently cut me out of her life - Not even wanting to talk to me after all that time ... This happens sometimes. I try to be a nice person and not burn any bridges and I am always open to anything. I hate when people hold "red-light" grudges.

If I am not friends with someone, I am always open to re-opening the friendship anything changes. Also, be careful that sometimes a "friend of a freind" can get in the way, using the internet to destroy a friendship even more.

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On-going episodes of severe weather and tornadoes have ocurred during the second and third weeks of June 2009. Again, work schedules (filling in for boss on cruise / system upgrade weekend of June 12, etc) have pretty much pre-empted any possibility of a second chase to the Central US. The chase season should wind-down by late June as the jet stream moved into Canada for the summer. I am happy I got limited time chasing in the plains this year, although it could have been much better have May been more active and / or I had more time off.

The main focus now turns towards the tropical season of 2009, which hopefully will be somewhat fruitful (less storms are expected this year compared to 2008 due to cooler Atlantic waters off Africa and a developing El NiƱo. Local storms are always possible in Florida, but nothing like the tornadoes in the Central USA. Keep in mind that chasing in the Central USA may also occur in the Fall of 2009, especially if there is a lighter than normal hurricane season. I wish all who made their chase trips this spring the best of luck and congrats to those who made it worth-while!

Storm Chasing In Central USA (6/8)

I have just completed a short storm chase trip to Central USA (where I flew out into Kansas City on Thursday evening, June 4, and returned mid-day Monday, June 8). June 5 and 7 were extremely active chase days and I have completed compiling all the details and put together a detailed chase log for this trip.

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South FL Severe Storms (5/29)

A round of severe storms affected south Florida during the late-May / Memorial Day week of 2009 with large hail and strong winds. This activity came as a welcome relief to a severe drought in parts of Florida, as well as a satisfying few days of local storm chasing on my behalf - Especially after calling off a long anticipated chase trip to the central US a week earlier.

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